Update on Inglis Bridge from The Castle

Due to the historic status of the bridge, the repairs are likely to be very costly and therefore The Deputy Commander for RF&CA Wales has written a paper on the bridge for Army HQ’s perusal.  With this in mind,  we do not expect the bridge to be open to vehicles for the foreseeable future.

The only vehicular access point to Vauxhall fields is via Rockfield Road and this will remain open throughout this process.  Whilst it is recognised Inglis Bridge provided a convenient means of access to the car park, this can still be achieved via Rockfield Road.

As we receive further updates on the situation I will promulgate to yourself for distribution to the town.

Monmouth Bee Town

Monmouth Bee Town

A pilot project entitled Nature Isn't Neat will focus on Monmouth, thanks to a successful bid made by MTC in partnership with Monmouth's own Bees for Development, and Transition Monmouth.

The Vale of Usk Rural Development Programme selected Monmouth's application thanks to the huge support we have received from local organisations. 

The first year will focus on raising awareness across Monmouth of all pollinator species including moths, butterflies, hoverflys and bees.

Reaching into all areas of our community, schools, places of business and community groups, the action plan will embed an understanding of the need to protect, feed, provide habitats and reverse the decline in pollinators.

The second year of the programme will demonstrate actions that can be taken by everyone to enhance and protect our pollinators.

We look forward to continuing to work with Transition Monmouth and Bees for Development, and welcome the support that the programme provider will bring for all our community. 

Pollinator Pilot_Moment.jpg
Pollinator Pilot_Moment 2.jpg