Planter Vandalism

Unfortunately, this weekend has seen 2 incidents of vandalism on some of the planters in Monmouth. On both Saturday and Sunday morning, 3 planters within town were found tipped upside down with the contents on the pavement. These planters were opposite Drybridge House and in front of the sculpture by the Old Monnow Bridge. Furthermore, the bedding plants on the Old Monnow Bridge had been pulled up and thrown across the road. If anyone knows or saw anything please get in touch with the Town Council on 01600 715662. Many thanks


Update from the Castle

Monmouth Town Council/To whom it may concern,

Members of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) have made temporary repairs to Tibbs Bridge in Monmouth.  Fencing has been fitted either side of the steps on the Vauxhall side of the bridge.  This being to reduce the possibility of falls on to the adjacent barbed wire fences.

The land owner, a sub-contractor of the Ministry of Defence, has been consulted over the damage and temporary repairs.  It is the contractors decision to deem the level of safety of Tibbs Bridge. The Regiment awaits a response, but it could be decided that the Bridge needs to be shut until such time a permanent repair is made.

The repairs have been made with minimal available resource, but are relatively steadfast.  The gates are now open, however as a reminder;  There is no liability for the Ministry of Defence to provide a safe means of passage across the River Monnow at Tibbs Bridge for the Public.  As such the Ministry of Defence accepts no liability or responsibility for any injuries or loss of life resulting from members of the public utilising Tibbs Bridge.  Members of the Public are advised not to use the bridge until permanent repairs are made.

As alluded to in the previous message, this is the second bout of damage inflicted upon the bridge in 2 months.  The temporary repairs have been executed by Service Personnel whom are not responsible for the upkeep of the Bridge and have taken their time to render the abutment in to a safer state.  Should the temporary repairs be subject to any further criminal damage whilst we await physical consultation with the contractor, then the bridge will be re-locked and fenced off completely from public use.

Regimental Sergeant Major

Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)