Statement from the Castle

Members of Monmouth Town Council/to whom it may concern,

Today I have been informed of and viewed criminal damage to the wing walls and abutments of Tibbs Bridge that crosses the River Monnow to Vauxhall Fields.  This is the second, recent bout, of vandalism reported on the Bridge in the last 2 months.

The damage sustained in this recent attack has now fully removed the wing walls that were constructed with hardened concrete blocks.  In doing so, the stairs to the bridge are now completely exposed to a fall either side onto a barbed wire fence.  This is considerable damage that will require a re-design of the wing walls and subsequent construction to allow for safe passage.

Regretfully and due to the potential for injuries due to slips and falls, Tibbs Bridge will be locked and fenced until such time repairs can be both funded and executed.  Access to the Bridge and passage over the River Monnow, at this crossing point, will be prohibited to the Public until such time that it is deemed safe to do so.

Please be aware that the Bridge is owned and maintained by the MOD.  Liability for passage is for personnel within the MOD only.  There is no liability or requirement to allow passage for the Public over Tibbs Bridge. As such, the priority of repair will be governed externally from the Regiment.

Access to Vauxhall Fields can still be gained on foot by Inglis Bridge and vehicular by Rockfield Lane.  I ask the people of Monmouth, who will be negatively impacted by this action, to remain patient.  Repairs will take some time to contract given the monetary value of the damage caused. 

Regimental Sergeant Major

Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)