A Big Thank You!

How can we thank you enough? We want to thank, very publicly, everyone who gave their time, skills or produce to make Saturday’s Picnic in Chippenham Park such a delight. Please may we shout?!

Mr David Evans had designed us a fine poster to publicise the party. Thank you.

Mrs Maude Vickers, thank you for dedicating the newly planted Royal Birthday tree, and cutting the magnificent birthday cake, so graciously. You made us feel we’d like to be 90 too. Waving to the crowds, just like Her Majesty and chatting kindly to all the families picnicking on the grass afterwards, came naturally.

Just as naturally talented, was Tom Sean-Penman, whose easy wit and style, made the compere’s job look fun. Thank you for making all the preparations flow. Instinctively generous, too, Mr Jeremy Parkin supplied and set up his professional sound system for the day, absolutely free.

Straight from a morning gig in Raglan, St Thomas Church Music Group whose ages range from 5 to 14, demonstrated their amazing skills. The sound of brass, harp, guitar, keyboard, wind and chimes floated across the park, tunes ranging from Amazing Grace to Up Town Girl and, of course, God Save the Queen. This inspiring group will go far.

Even younger, were the crown makers who made their intricate designs with great concentration at the workshop table (Thank you Rosie Williams) and then bravely lined up on the stage for judging. The Mayor found the decision impossible and gave them all a prize!

A team of crown-wearing volunteers from Bridges had been baking delicious cakes in aid of the Community Centre. Sparkling mounds of strawberries, too, were displayed brilliantly to tempt us at their richly decorated stall.

Fairtrade tea and coffee and cool drinks were served free all day and we were unexpectedly able to offer other goodies donated by the Co-op, Lidl and Ramesh of King’s Fee Spa Shop. Andrew Lloyd and Paul ones from Tri-Wall gave us the chunky litter bins which kept the picnic area clean and the recycling possible very young volunteer litter-pickers were a great help.

(Local firms Eagle Plant and Monnow Marquees more than fulfilled their contracts to make the scene pretty and practical.)

The huge royal birthday cake was made and beautifully decorated by Mrs Pat Groves and was big enough share far and wide.

 As the sun came out, Savoy Youth Theatre leapt onto the stage and entertained us brilliantly with songs from their Jungle Book production. What great voices, well trained, confident and funny.  Thank you for bringing a really lovely day to a rousing finish. There were some very star struck youngsters gazing up at them, thrilled to be invited to join in.

Lastly, the Committee want to thank all the members of their families who were essential in making the event work, especially Lakota, Alison, Paul, Mel, Ted and Dorothy.

Best wishes,

The Picnic in the Park Town Councillors

Community Spirit at the Queen's 90th Birthday Picnic!

Community Spirit at the Queen's 90th Birthday Picnic!

Mrs Vickers dedicating a tree for Her Majesty alongside Town Mayor Chris Munslow and Town Councillor Sue White.

Mrs Vickers dedicating a tree for Her Majesty alongside Town Mayor Chris Munslow and Town Councillor Sue White.