Monmouth Town Council has recently bought the second decommissioned telephone box at the side of the Shire Hall.  We are now looking for ideas on how to use the box. 

There are old telephone boxes being used for all sorts across the country; they are brought to life as libraries, herb gardens, art galleries, even a nightclub.  What would you like this box in Monmouth to be?

If you have an idea how you would like to see the phone box used, please contact the office either by e-mail ( or phone (01600 715662) and we will make put the best options to a public vote.  We look forward to hearing your ideas to make this a phone box a great asset to the town and its residents wellbeing.

Climate Emergency Update

Following a successful first meeting on ways that the town council can address the climate emergency, a new group called "ACE Monmouth” (Action on Climate Emergency Monmouth) has emerged. This group will meet again in July to develop a plan of action and to consolidate the structure of ACE Monmouth. 

If you would like to be kept informed of upcoming meetings and progress please contact the office on