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The market town of Monmouth is situated on the South Wales border, by the banks of the River Wye.

The town has historic connections with early Roman and medieval times, and its most famous sons are Henry V and Charles Rolls, of Rolls-Royce fame. With a current population of 10,000 it has easy access to Cardiff, Bristol and the Midlands via motorway links.

Monmouth Town Council is the tier of local government closest to the community and represents the views and interests of the people of Monmouth to other authorities including Monmouthshire County Council, the Police, the Welsh Government and others.  The Council also has a number of other functions which involve community and environmental matters. 

We hope this website will provide useful information on Monmouth and the Town Council.

Latest News

Community Grants are open tranche 1 2024-25 

TOWN WARD VACANCY: Following the resignation of Cllr George Rist, there is now a vacancy for the Town Ward.   

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT SURVEY: The Community Engagement Survey will run until 14th April 2024.

 MAYORAL COMMUNITY AWARDS SCHEME: Do you know an individual who volunteers or a community group who have made an exceptional contribution to the Monmouth community? Nominate them as part of the Mayoral Community Awards Scheme., more information can be found by clicking here.


All primary school-aged children who live in Monmouth are able to have a Kids Club card that will allow them to see UNLIMITED FREE films Monmouth's Savoy Theatre. This is as a result of the continued partnership between Monmouth Town Council and Savoy Theatre. For all children that attend primary school in Monmouth, teachers will be handing out the cards during school.  If your child lives in Monmouth but does not attend school here, please see the policy and application form on the News and Events page.


A dragon's eye view of Monmouth

Following a grant from us The Monmouth Chamber has produced this video, showing a dragon's eye view of Monmouth with an audio history of our town!  

Monmouth: A Hive of Activity

Monmouth Town Council are very proud of the fact that Monmouth is the first ever Bee Town in the whole of the UK!  Monmouth has been awarded its Bee Town status by international charity Bees for Development, in addition to its Bee Friendly status, (Caru Gwenyn) which was awarded in February 2020 by the Welsh Government, because of its efforts to make the town pollinator friendly.  Bees are crucial to our survival, but their habitat is constantly under threat and needs protecting for bees and other insects to survive.

The community, local residents and bee and insect experts who live locally made the huge effort to help insects thrive. Monmouth Town Council initially became involved when they were encouraged to support the project by Bees for Development, who are located in the town centre. The Town Council spent time investigating ‘bee friendly’ activities in and around the town and what could be further achieved in the future.

The Council were also supported by Monmouthshire County Council’s Nature Isn’t Neat Project, aimed at eradicating pesticides, leaving areas of the town’s grassed areas uncut, or not mowed as often, and letting wildflowers grow naturally. There are three trial areas in the town where there will be no cutting at all and there is also local support for the ‘No Mow May’ initiative by Plantlife.


We have had feedback from Jon Mason @theearlybirder on Instagram regarding our pollinator friendly planters along the high street, check it out below: 


View of Agincourt Street Photo Credit: Shirley LawtonPhoto Credit: Shirley Lawton 
View of Monnow Bridge in January Photo Credit: Shirley LawtonPhoto Credit: Shirley Lawton
View of Church Street Photo Credit: Shirley LawtonPhoto Credit: Shirley Lawton