The Mayoralty of Monmouth

There has been a Mayor of the town of Monmouth for at least 750 years.

The Romans had a base here before the Second Legion established its headquarters at Caerleon, the history of the town is generally recorded from the establishment of the Castle by the Norman Earl of Hereford, shortly after the Conquest (1066). Shortly afterwards a Benedictine priory was also founded.

By 1100 A.D. in addition to the Castle and the Priory a third party to the running of the town, the Burgesses had surfaced. This was as a result of the need to control the market in which the burgesses had a monopoly of trade. It was from this that the Common Council evolved and eventually the local government organisation, which exists to day.

An elected Mayor and bailiffs came to lead this body and by the middle of the thirteenth century a seal had been acquired from King Henry III with certain privileges. The office of Mayor can be dated from this time.

In 1447 Henry VI granted the first charter of "liberty and franchise" (freedom from certain royal taxes and the right to levy fees in relation to the market, etc). Amongst other matters it provided for the annual election of the Mayor, which survives to this day, as does the right for two maces to be borne before the Mayor. These maces bear the arms of the Duchy of Lancaster to which the Marcher lords of Hereford owed feudal duty.

In 1611 John Steed's book drew the first recorded map of the town, which shows that much of the centre remains unchanged. He says the town was governed by a Mayor, two bailiffs and fifteen Common Councillors and a Town Clerk. Apart from the bailiffs who acted with the Mayor as magistrates and an additional Councillor, this composition is identical to the present town council.

Mayor 2023/24

The current Mayor of Monmouth is Councillor Tom Kirton.

Councillor Kirton was elected at the Annual Meeting of Monmouth Town Council on 15th May 2023 with Cllr David Evans being elected as Deputy Mayor.

Cllr Kirton is a town Councillor representing the Overmonnow ward of Monmouth this will be his first time as Mayor for Monmouth. Cllr Kirton was previously Mayor of Chepstow a total of 3 times. 


 Newly elected Mayor Tom Kirton with Macebearers and Town Clerk, 15th May 2023


 Newly elected Mayor Tom Kirton and Deputy Mayor David Evans with Macebearers and the Town Clerk, 15th May 2023

Photo credit: Des Pugh