Full Council Archive

The ‘Council meeting as a whole’ has responsibility and oversight for all activities of the Council. The majority of decisions are made at meetings which are required to be held in accordance with the law to ensure transparency and accountability.

Agendas are issued on the Town Council’s website and in notice boards with three clear days notice and set out the business to be transacted. Councillors have a duty to attend (and must give apologies and reasons for absence if they are unable to). All meetings are open to the public to attend. Members of the public are welcome to speak at meetings but must make a request in writing at least the working day before the meeting.

The Full Council can decide to delegate some functions and decision making either to a committee or sub-committee or to the Proper Officer (the Clerk). However there are some matters that cannot be delegated such as approving the end of year accounts, setting the annual budget and appointing a new Clerk. This does not stop these matters being considered by other committees but the final decision rests with Full Council.

Every year in May, the Council holds an Annual Council Meeting, at which the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the next civic year are elected.

Normally meetings are held in the Shire Hall on a Monday evening, with options to join remotely via Zoom. 

Agendas and Minutes