Henry Fest: Monmouth's Medieval Festival

Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th August 2023

Monmouth Town Council will be hosting the first festival to commemorate Monmouth being the birthplace of Henry V in the 600th Anniversary of his death. 

 Join us for a fun and engaging weekend filled with displays, activities, entertainment and much more here in Monmouth! 

 The town will be visited by the Freemen of Gwent; a band of travelling mercenary medieval soldiers and their families as they return from campaigning for Henry's armies over in France -  they will host a living history camp over the weekend to demonstrate the life and times of Henry V.  

 This includes: 

- 'Open doors' events within some of the most historic building in town 

-Falconry displays

-Medieval Surgery

- A Medieval Market

-A screening of Shakespeare's Henry V performed by National Theatre Live.  

....and best of all this event is FREE!!

 Programme updates will be added to the Festival's social media accounts - Facebook and Instagram